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We are proud of our collaborations and partnerships with these incredible organisations (+ their extraordinary people) who support us as we build our vision for a better future for us all.

Momentum Energy

Owned by Hydro Tasmania, (the largest generator of renewable energy in Australia) Momentum Energy has powered The New Joneses for years. 

We travelled to Tassie (home of Hydro Tasmania) to meet James + Georgia in their all-electric home (episode#5)

Kudos to Tassie for beating the mainland…Tassie is 100% powered by renewable energy.

Switch to an energy company that champions renewables + support our clean energy future.

Switch today.

Call: 1800-627-228


100% electric Nissan LEAF

We loved driving the 100% electric Nissan LEAF + being part of the fume-free, all-electric future.

Generating ZERO tailpipe emissions, our trip was smart, safe, comfy + fun.

We plotted our route with JET Charge infrastructure and associated apps. (JET Charge is the largest EV charging infrastructure specialist in Australia.)

At Farmer Sam’s (episode #4) we charged with a standard power socket– just like charging a mobile.

In Tassie, we caffeinated while a rapid charger brought our 100% electric Nissan LEAF to full-charge.

At James + Georgia’s (episode #5) their JET Charge home-charger powered us up.

All-electric. Easy.


Australia’s 1st certified carbon neutral mobile and internet provider, BELONG is connecting Australians with uncomplicated, great-value plans.

Click here to check it  out


Australia’s  Ist 100% carbon neutral parcel delivery service offset Slatts’ shipping.

Ever think of the carbon emissions involved in delivering your online shopping?

Sendle does.

Sendle offsets the carbon emissions of Alice in Frames (episode #3) sending her cookbook from Cape Schanck to James + Georgia “All-Electric” Allston (episode #5) in Hobart, Tassie.

As a registered B Corporation, Sendle strives to be a business for GOOD.

Next delivery, choose Sendle, like we do.


We use ecostore - because what's in our home + body care products ends up in us, our oceans + waterways.

From recyclable bottles made from renewable sugarcane and recycled plastic (no harmful petrochemical plastics) to grey-water safe formulas, ecostore products are safer for your family + our world.

From plant and mineral-based ingredients, to their carboNZero certified manufacturing and cruelty free certification, ecostore is constantly working to save energy, resources and reduce waste.

And because recycling is good, but refilling is better, ecostore has over 80 refill locations around NZ and has recently launched their first in-supermarket refill station in Australia, with more coming to a store near you in future!


Vinnies Victoria

As Australia’s 1st carbon neutral not-for-profit organisation, Vinnies Vic offset the impact of all their activities.

Thanks to Vinnies Vic, The New Joneses live a #BuyNothingNew life, finding nearly everything they need #secondhand.

By shopping at Vinnies, every dollar you spend in-store goes to help make ends meet by putting food on table, heating homes in winter, educating young minds, listening in times of crisis and much much more.

In one year, Vinnies will give out over $1 million in material assistance, visit over 135,000 homes, provide over 211,000 meals by Vinnies soup vans, answer over 67,000 calls received at our call center
and provide over 7,000 hours for student tutoring.

By buying second hand or donating to Vinnies Vic, you’re helping build our new, ‘circular economy’
where nothing is wasted + all stuff gets a second-life.

Join the Buy Nothing New Month challenge, (it’s like Dry July, but for thoughtful consumption.)

Plan International, the charity for girls’ equality

Supporting girls’ education through non-profit organisations like Plan International: the charity for girls’ equality, is one of the simplest, most overlooked paths to mitigating the climate crisis.

All over the world, girls are leading sustainable farming revolutions.

They’re leading growth in green industries.

They’re leading activism and political change.

From changing their families’ actions to demanding progress on the global stage, girls are at the forefront of the climate revolution.

Girls have the power to transform economies, societies and the planet. But, they need education to do it.

By investing in girls’ education, we can unlock girls’ creativity, power, resilience and leadership.

Because today's girls are tomorrow's leaders, scientists, campaigners and politicians, educated girls
will change the world!

Support Plan International today:


JET Charge

The largest EV charging infrastructure specialist in Australia, JET Charge provides charging infrastructure to help us transition to a low cost, zero emissions transport future.

We plotted and charged our 100% electric Nissan LEAF using JET Charge infrastructure and associated apps.

At James + Georgia’s (episode #5) their JETCharge home-charger powered us up.