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For 10 years, the award winning The New Joneses touring TINY HOUSE has shown simple ways we can all do better for our people + planet.

With events in covid-hibernation, they took a ROAD TRIP!

Enlisting the help from loving mates, Hollywood actor Yael Stonesweary-cooking-champion, Nat’s What I Reckon and screen legend, Stephen Curry, The New Joneses hit the road to find the most impactful ways we can all be part of climate change solutions - everyday.

(The New Joneses actions are matched to the UNSDGs + Project Drawdown.)

THE NEW JONESES make climate action doable at your events, workplaces + local communities.

Get in touch to see how we can help you, your staff + communities understand the problem + be part of the solution.


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09:02 mins

EP1: Stephen Curry says ELIMINATE FOOD WASTE

After rambling about cow farts and burps, Stephen says “save food …

Episode Poster

07:38 mins

EP2: Joost Bakker says GROW SOME FOOD

Grow some food. Plan ahead (to avoid packaging). Prepare (cook from ...

Episode Poster

07:59 mins

EP3: Alice in Frames says EAT MORE VEG

Alice reckons plants are good for us, our planet + come in their own ...

Episode Poster

08:01 mins

EP4: Farmer Sam says PLANT A TREE

PLANT A TREE - support regenerative farmers. Regenerative ...

Episode Poster

09:00 mins

EP5: James Allston says SUPPORT RENEWABLES

In his 100% electric Nissan LEAF, Slatts drove through pristine Tassie ...

Episode Poster

07:48 mins

EP6: Jane Caro AM says EDUCATE GIRLS

Educating girls is one of the most powerful and cost-effective tools we have ...

Episode Poster

06:45 mins

EP7: Dr. Anika Molesworth says CUT OUT CARBON

Leave fossil fuels (coal, oil, gas) in the ground. Switch to a carbon neutral telco...

Episode Poster

08:59 mins


Buy less. Buy long lasting. Buy reusable + refillable. Taking tonnes of....

Episode Poster

10:00 mins

EP9: Neville Jetta says HEAL COUNTRY

Seek Indigenous wisdom - Get googling - Find out who are the traditional owners...

Episode Poster

07:48 mins

EP10: The New Joneses say PLEDGE. JOIN. DO THE THINGS!

Watch THE NEW JONESES road trip in ONE. See the 10 little things we can do for big impact.